研究组的高分子玻璃化论文,“Understanding Activation Volume in Glass-Forming Polymer Melts via Generalized Entropy Theory”, 被Macromolecules接受发表。2020-07-31

  研究组的合作论文,“Stress-Structure Relationship of the Reversible Associating Polymer Network under Start-up Shear Flow”, 被Chinese Journal of Polymer Science接受发表。2020-07-30

  研究组的高分子玻璃化论文,“Investigation of the Temperature Dependence of Activation Volume in Glass-Forming Polymer Melts under Variable Pressure Conditions”, 被Macromolecules接受发表。2020-07-29

  研究组的高分子玻璃化论文,“Molecular Dynamics Study of Glass Formation in Polymer Melts with Varying Chain Stiffness”, 发表于Macromolecules。2020-06-23

  研究组的高分子玻璃化论文,“Energy Renormalization for Coarse-Graining Polymers with Different Fragilities: Predictions from the Generalized Entropy Theory”, 发表于Macromolecular Theory and Simulations,并且入选期刊封面。2020-01-03